Circuit Powerboat Racing - The CPA

The sport of circuit powerboat racing is easy to enter and all the clubs are listed within the clubs section on this website. They are happy to welcome you to their races which if you attend will give you the opportunity to talk to drivers, mechanics, officials and helpers, who will help you decide what type of boat you would like to race, along with some idea of the equipment required and the cost. If racing a boat is not for you though, remember the sport always needs helpers and officials.

There are three main types of circuit racing boat - hydroplane, monohull and catamaran and within these types there are many classes from which to choose at both club level, National and International.


Hydroplanes have twin hulls for the front part of the craft extending no more than 60% along the hull narrowing to a single hull at the stern. The driver sits, kneels or lies down in the boat with the most popular class in the UK being OSY400 powered by a 400cc outboard engine. Internationally you will see both inboard and outboard powered hydroplanes in various engine sized classes.


Monohulls are single hulled boats similar to a ski boat. There are several classes with outboard engines ranging from 15hp to 300hp. Hugely entertaining and fun to watch, monohull racing is very popular with both young and old and always produces some close competitive racing.

Classes Include:

  • GT Mono Unlimited
  • GT Mono Light (engines upto 1.3 liter)
  • GT30 (a class for adults and teanagers from 14 years old with an engine capacity of 30hp)
  • GT15 (a childrens class from 9 years old with a 15hp engine)


Tunnel hull catamaran design boats are capable of both high speeds and exceptional manoeuvrability. Due to their specially designed hulls, boats are able to turn almost instantaneously and in the bigger classes incure more G forces than any other racing machine on the planet. With an extremely high power to weight ratio in the larger formula class boats the acceleration of the hulls is truly phenomenal with acceleration measuring 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds.

Classes Include:

  • Formula Grand Prix, F1, SST200, SST120, S3000, SL250)
  • Formula Grand Prix Light, F4, HR850, F3

CPA National Champonship for 2021

Formula Grand Prix - Catamaran Class SST120, SST200, SL250, S3000, F1 2ltr & 2.5lt

Formula Grand Prix Light - Catamaran Class HR850, F4, F3

GT Mono Unlimited - Mono Class over 1300cc

GT Mono Light - Mono Class under 1300cc

OSY 400 - Hydroplane Class with 400cc engine

2 day event, 2 races per day of at least 10 laps per race. Race 1, Dock Start Scratch, Race 2, Dock Start Scratch, Race 3, clock start handicap times from lap times in race 2, Race 4, clock start handicap times from lap times in race 3. All races will count to the overall event winner, with championship points awarded from the total overall positions placed.

GT 30 - Mono Class

Race Structure to be voted upon by the attending competitors actually racing for the whole season at the LPRC National

GT 15 - Mono Class

Race Structure to be voted upon by the attending competitors actually racing for the whole season at the LPRC National

Club Racing

Class specific and mixed handicap racing at the various clubs throughout the season. Please see the events page.